Foundational and coordinating team


Àlex Ollé

Alex has been monitoring birds for years and nowadays, he is a member of the Spanish Rarities Committee of SEO/BirdLife. His vocation for WP raptor identification lead him to publish some short raptor-id notes as well as the book Raptors of Europe, edited by Omega. He is a co-founding member of, in which he has the task of making and reviewing notes, and cataloguing all the photos included in the website.


Joan Goy

Co-founding member of

From an early age, Joan discovered ornithology thanks to many of the teachers at his school. Since then, birds became his passion, especially for the last 10 years. Interested in bird identification, Joan uses nature photography as a tool not only for learning but also spreading knowledge about birds and nature on social media.

Fran Trabalon

Fran Trabalon

Fran has been studying birds from a very young age, and has published numerous articles, especially related to migration and birds of prey. He gives identification courses, and is the author of the book of the Raptors of Europe, edited by Omega, among other guides. His passion for traveling has led him to visit more than 80 countries all over the world, where he has observed more than 5.500 species, although in recent years he is more concerned with photographing them.

Victor Estrada

Víctor Estrada-Devesa

Víctor became interested in birds when he was 15th years old. Member of SEO/Birdlife and ICO. Mainly interested in raptors migration and in peregrine falcons behaviour. He has participated in several scientific bird papers with other authors.

Very active bird photographer, mainly focused on raptors, with special interest in raptors migration hotspots as The Strait of Gibraltar, in Spain and Batumi, in the Republic of Georgia.

Scientific contributors

Teresa Montras

Teresa Montras

Teresa is a shorebird enthusiast but did not doubt for a second to jump into when Alex contacted her. She is the official translator, but not being an English speaker she apologies already for any misspelling or grammar or other horrible mistake. Teresa lives in Kvismaren, Sweden. She works as a postdoctoral researcher at the landscape ecology unit of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Javier Blasco Zumeta

Javier Blasco Zumeta

Naturalist and primary school teacher. Javier is now retired and living in the village of Pina de Ebro, Aragón, across the Ebro riverbeds and the steppe plaines of Los Monegros. He has been a consultant for the Handbook of Western Paleartic Birds and is currently working untiringly on his website Identification Atlas of Aragon’s Birds, reference of ID books such as Identification Guide to Birds in the Hand or Identification of European Non-Passerines.


Markus Jais

Markus is a software developer from Germany with a life-long interest in birds and nature. He has a particular interest in raptors, owls and carnivores like wolves, tigers or pumas.

He has travelled to India, Africa, South, Central and North America in search of eagles and other birds. One of his favorite places to watch raptors is Extremadura.


Javi Elorriaga

Javi is a passionate birder who has worked in the survey of cliff-nesting raptors in Bizkaia, the conservation of the Cinereous Vulture in Greece, the reintroduction of the Bearded Vulture in Northern Spain and the Osprey in Andalusia and the Basque Country, the study of the Turkey Vulture in North America and the monitoring of bird migration in the Strait of Gibraltar. He lives in Tarifa where he works as a birdguide and consultant in ornithology and, above all, enjoys raptors.


Jack Ashton-Booth

Has been a raptor fanatic since the age of 5 years old. 30 years on he is still in awe of this incredible group! These days he focuses on the finer details of raptor ID, not only within his artwork but as an aid memoire within his career, investigating raptor persecution for the RSPB. Having a captivation with feather minutia has meant he has been far and wide to photograph birds of prey in the field, on migration and in the hand.

Main photographic contributors


Miquel Arxer


Marc Illa


Quim Martínez

Grabi de Jesus

Grabi de Jesús

Miguel Ángel Fuentes

Miguel Ángel Fuentes


Albert Burgas


David Bigas


Jordi Bermejo


Guillem Arrufat


Maxime Pastore


Dawid Panasiuk

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