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RAPTOR identification

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Raptors, those fascinating birds

During the last decade, a few new European raptor guides have been published. Nevertheless, there is only one specific website (European Raptors) dedicated to European Raptors, created by our college Markus Jais, who carried out an excellent work with this useful website that includes information regarding the biology and conservation of birds of prey in Europe, besides other interesting raptor information. 

Nevertheless, so far hasn’t been a single modern website specifically dealing with the identification of European raptors. For this reason, we have decided to create the Raptor Identification website to provide extensive, detailed and updated information about the identification of the existing raptor species in Europe. The website includes many raptor photos classified by species, subspecies, sex, age and colour morphs. At the same time, we have produced practical raptor identification collages and some raptor identification notes to help you to easily identify the species with highly similar plumages and to better understand the different plumages/ages of some species. However, to give you the best and most complete information, we would be very pleased if you collaborate with us sending us your raptor photos and/or notes so we can post them in the website specific category.

We hope this new raptor identification tool will help you to better knowledge of this fascinating group of birds.

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Raptor Species

Western Osprey

Pandion haliaetus

Black-winged Kite

Elanus caeruleus

Bearded Vulture

Gypaetus barbatus

Rüppell’s Griffon Vulture

Gyps rueppellii

Raptor Collages

Bonelli’s Eagle: adult plumage

Bonelli's Eagle: adult plumage

Bonelli’s Eagle: 3rd plumage

Bonelli's Eagle: 3rd plumage

Bonelli’s Eagle: 2nd plumage

Bonelli's Eagle: 2nd plumage

Bonelli’s Eagle: juvenile plumage

Bonelli's Eagle: juvenile plumage

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